🎉 Exciting News from Soundwork – Alpha Marketplace Launch! 🎉

Dear Soundwork Community,

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the Soundwork Alpha Marketplace (TestNet)!
This marks a monumental step forward in our journey to revolutionize the music industry’s supply chain through Web3 and AI. We are now inviting you to explore and engage with a platform designed to empower music creators and enthusiasts like never before. We are here extending a warm invitation to ALL Alpha testers to become part of the Soundwork Experience!

Main Features:

  1. Create and Mint Your Sounds:
    Unleash your creativity by producing unique Sounds and Sound Packs. Our platform makes it straightforward for musicians, beat makers, and sound designers to mint their creations as NFTs directly on the blockchain.
  2. Buy and Sell Music NFTs:
    Dive into a vibrant marketplace where you can buy and sell unique musical NFTs. Discover new sounds or sell your creations to a global audience.
  3. Making and Accepting Bids:
    Engage with the community through our bidding system. Make offers on your favorite sounds or accept bids to sell your own, fostering a dynamic and interactive marketplace environment.
  4. Enjoy the Sound Previews:
    Build your playlist of Soundwork Sounds, sit back, and enjoy the audio experience.
  5. A World of Fun: Soundwork isn’t just about transactions; it’s a platform to explore, create, and connect. Immerse yourself in the ecosystem of sound, where music meets innovation.

Current Alpha Marketplace on Solana DevNet:

We’re proud to announce that our Alpha Marketplace is currently running on the Solana DevNet.
Our decision to build on Solana reflects our commitment to providing a fast, secure, and scalable platform, without compromising the user experience.

Alpha Testers – We Need You!

We invite you to check out our platform by downloading the Phantom Wallet and setting it to “Testnet Mode”.

We will be pushing periodical updates, fixing bugs and/or glitches that you may catch, and optimizing the overall use of the marketplace.
Because this will be an Alpha Marketplace, you can be assured that this will NOT be how the official marketplace launches.
As alpha testers, your insights will shape the future of Soundwork, ensuring we build a platform that truly resonates with our community. Plus, juicy rewards are waiting for those who help us iterate and improve!

Your feedback is invaluable to us.

To begin Testing:

  • Go to our Homepage: soundwork.io
  • Click on “Launch App”
  • Connect your Phantom Wallet (Make sure you set it on “Testnet Mode”)
    * To get started please install your Phantom Wallet and get some DevNet Solana from the Faucet
  • To get more instructions, video guides, and discuss your test results, please join our Discord and enter the “alpha-testing” channel.

Join us on this thrilling adventure to redefine music creation, distribution, and ownership. Explore the Soundwork Alpha Marketplace today, and become a part of a community that’s setting the rhythm for the future of music on the blockchain.

Let the music play, let the innovation stay!

The Soundwork Team

Looking to join Soundwork?

We are actively looking for more creators to join our roster of passionate innovators to help turn this marketplace into something truly special. Each tester will receive exclusive perks in the Soundwork Discord, earning the title of Beta Tester to thank you as our early supporter. Also, our friends at Function Loops will be throwing in a free sample pack of your choice, with more surprises to come!
Our Discord will outline the next steps for how you too can become a tester for Soundwork.
And for all news Soundwork.io, make sure to keep an eye on our Twitter.