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About Us

At Soundwork, we aim to reward all contributors in the music creation process, from digital instrument developers to beat makers, guitarists, and vocalists. We leverage NFTs and Blockchain for efficient tracking of music’s building blocks. Our marketplace and user-friendly AI-driven app democratizes music creation and gives mass exposure to our creators, making it accessible and enjoyable for all.

We've got a problem...

The Music Industry's Supply chain is BROKEN!

  • There is no way to track the building blocks of a song.
  • Music Producers and Sound creators are not being rewarded in a fair & transparent way.
  • The current model only works for streaming platforms and large music labels.

Current systems fail to trace a song’s building blocks, failing to reward music producers and sound creators. This unfair model caters predominantly to big music labels. Soundwork aims to level the playing field.

Platform Diagram

Our Solution - AI + WEB3

Soundwork revolutionizes music production and distribution through a decentralized platform. We empower producers and beat makers to trade, license, and track their sounds with assured ownership. Our innovative reward system further acknowledges sound designers for their contribution to music creation. With our AI-powered Music Making app, we extend the creative process to fans, making music production accessible and engaging. We are working to reshape music ownership, distribution, and creation.

Dirty DJ’s NFT

Dirty DJ’s NFT Brand is an exclusive series of collections, created to bring unique rewards to its holders, $SOUND Investors, and active members of Soundwork’s Musician Network. It offers a gateway to special events, merchandise, new platform features, and a vibrant community. Our mission is to establish Dirty DJ’s as the premier Music NFT hub for global music creators, offering unparalleled benefits and a thriving, collaborative environment.

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MOBILE AI Music-Maker

AI-powered Music-making App

  • Discover your favorite track
  • Get Sounds Suggested by our AI
  • Select / Change Sounds
  • Sequence and Mix your Track
  • Mint as NFT to Play, Use, and Sell!

What sets us apart?

Everyone else is focused on streaming...

We are solving for the entire music supply chain.

Sound Designers
Bring Great
Music Producers
Who Build
Loyal Fans

$SOUND Token

The SOUND Token is the key to the entire ecosystem.
It serves 3 main purposes
  • Governance Token
  • Utility Token
  • Marketplace Currency
The SOUND Token is the lifeblood of our ecosystem, serving as a governance, utility, and marketplace currency. As a SOUND token holder, you have a say in platform direction, feature updates, and genre highlights. The token also powers music distribution and revenue share on Soundwork, establishing it as the essential settlement layer for all our musical supply chain transactions

$SOUND Tokenomics


Total Supply




Meet Our Team

Hernan Arber


Builder @ Loopacks & Founder @ Arber Tech

Roy Osherove


Engineering Team Leader @ Prominent Israeli Tech Companies

Edvin Alper

Artist & Label Partnerships

CEO & Founder @ Functionloops

Vitali Shelin

Business Development

Business Network


Frequently Asked Questions

Soundwork is a cutting-edge, AI-powered, and Web3-enabled decentralized platform that revolutionizes the music industry by facilitating seamless collaboration, simplifying royalty management, and unlocking new monetization opportunities for musicians, producers, and music enthusiasts.

Soundwork uses NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to represent unique digital music assets like sounds, samples, loops, and VSTs. These NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded on our decentralized marketplace, enabling artists to monetize their work and retain full control over their creations.

Soundwork employs advanced AI algorithms to enhance music creation and collaboration. Our AI-driven music sequencing app empowers artists to create and edit music with incredible precision, efficiency, and ease, regardless of their skill level.

Soundwork offers numerous benefits for musicians, producers, and music enthusiasts, such as:

  • Seamless collaboration between artists
  • Simplified royalty management
  • New monetization opportunities through NFTs
  • AI-enhanced music creation tools
  • A decentralized marketplace for buying, selling, and trading digital music assets

To start using Soundwork, simply create an account on our platform and connect your Solana wallet (Phantom, Backpack, etc). From there, you can explore our decentralized marketplace, mint and sell your own NFTs, and take advantage of our AI-powered music creation tools.

Yes, Soundwork is built on the Solana blockchain, which provides a fast, secure and transparent infrastructure. We adhere to strict security standards and implement best practices to ensure the safety and privacy of our users’ data and digital assets.