Audentity Records Joins the Soundwork Roster

Building off from our recent partnership with Function Loops, we’re excited to announce that award-winning sample label Audentity Records is joining the Soundwork roster. In this article, we’ll be discussing what this partnership means for Soundwork, and the impact that an Audentity Records partnership will have for the company.

Audentity Records: An Experienced Player in the Music Industry Space

Born in the Netherlands and established in 2011, Audentity Records packs have garnered widespread use among thousands of producers. They are renowned for their top-notch samples, vocals, and construction kits across various popular genres, and used in many hit records by artists like Ed Sheeran, Drake, and Tiesto. In addition to their placements, Audentity Records boasts various accolades from companies like Splice and Beatport for their chart-topping sample packs and sounds.

Our Partnership with Audentity Records

Audentity Records offers a wide range of sounds for different music styles. Whether artists need inspiration or specific sounds, Audentity Records has it covered. Their collection lets artists explore genres and try out different musical elements to create unique tracks. With thousands of sounds to choose from, Audentity Records makes sure artists have what they need for their creative ideas.

In addition to their sounds, Audentity Records will work with Soundwork to understand the needs of the Music3 ecosystem better. By working together, Audentity Records will help shape Soundwork’s platform to be more useful for music creators. The aim is to change how music is owned, distributed, and created. Together, we plan on building a system that supports artists, rewards contributors, and opens up new opportunities for music fans.

Future Partnerships

The partnership between Soundwork and Audentity Records continues to pave the way for Soundwork as a company in the Music3 space.

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